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5 Big Questions Conservatives Want Answered When Ray Epps Speaks Friday

The revelation that Ray Epps will formally speak to the Jan. 6 select committee Friday has raised questions among those who suspect FBI involvement in the Capitol riot.


The definitive story of Jan. 6 has yet to to be told.


THE NEWS: Epps, a 60-year-old U.S. Marine and former Arizona Oath Keeper, intends to sit for a transcribed interview with the House committee investigating the riot, his lawyer John Blischak said to Politico Tuesday.

  • Last November, Epps met with the Jan. 6 committee and told them he had no relationship with federal law enforcement, Blischak confirmed.
  • Videos from Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, 2021, show Epps encouraging people to enter the Capitol, including one clip in which the crowd responds with chants of “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

THE QUESTIONS: In response to the news that Epps will be returning to the Capitol this week, doubters of the official Jan. 6 narrative demanded answers to a few basic questions, some old and some new:

1. Why have Justice Department officials declined to deny Republican suspicions that Epps or other Jan. 6 protesters were trying to foment violence on behalf of the feds?

2. Why exactly did the FBI remove Epps’ face from a Jan. 6 suspect list six months after the attack?

3. If Epps’ denial disproves the right-wing conspiracy theories, as the Jan. 6 committee has suggested, why do they need to talk to him again?

4. Why was the first Epps interview apparently conducted informally, without a transcript? Was he even under oath?

5. What did Epps whisper in the ear of Ryan Samsel on Jan. 6 just before he took part in an early breach of a police barrier, for which he has been charged?


Andy McCarthy, a National Review writer and former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, predicted last week that it will turn out the feds “had people out there” on Jan. 6, “whether they were informants or agents or both.”

  • “Look, the bureau has not been deaf to all these claims that the Democrats have made about this, like, vast … domestic terrorist problem that we have in this country that’s being driven by neo-Nazis militias and all that stuff,” McCarthy said, sounding skeptical.
  • “But the idea that they either could or did create a riot at the Capitol I think is just ridiculous.”