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The Left Is Doing a Complete 180 on These COVID Narratives

With the rise of the omicron coronavirus variant, public health conventional wisdom has seemed to flip almost overnight — but don’t expect any apologies.


The liberal political establishment seems to think it can dictate truth and morality, but reality is getting in the way.


Jen Rubin — a fiercely anti-Trump essayist who served as the Washington Post’s token “conservative” before disavowing the label last year — declared Tuesday it was time to “stop agonizing over ‘cases'” as a pandemic barometer and instead focus on hospitalizations and deaths.

By contrast, Rubin in July criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for downplaying rising case numbers in his state.

  • “Now that Joe Biden is about to have an all time covid case high set one year into his administration his allies are suddenly arguing cases don’t matter and it’s time to get back to normal for most people,” conservative sports pundit Clay Travis tweeted in response to Rubin.


Rubin’s tweet was part of a larger flipping of the COVID-19 script as omicron has blanketed the U.S. in relatively mild illness.

1. Then: Contracting the coronavirus is a moral failing.

Now: Don’t be a COVID-shamer.

2. Then: The goal is zero cases.

“We also collectively need to keep focused on what should be our main target: a path to near zero case incidence,” Danielle Allen, director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, said in July of last year, echoing other public health experts.

Now: Everyone’s going to get it at some point.

3. Then: Masking is salvation.

Now: Most masks don’t actually work.

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