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Here Are 6 of the Left’s Worst Thanksgiving Tweets This Year

Per usual, liberal commentators have served up generous helpings of dumb and deranged Thanksgiving-themed opinions on Twitter.


Is it just us, or is each year stupider than the previous one?


Like leftover turkey, these six takes may be even more delicious the day after Thanksgiving.

The Atlantic: “Deprogram your relatives.”

Washington, D.C. public schools: “Consider decolonizing your Thanksgiving.”

The Washington Post: Prepare to start serving bugs instead of Thanksgiving turkey because of climate change.

Black Lives Matter: “You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land.”

Business Insider contributor Dr. Joy Henningsen: Pour one out for the family members we “lost to #misinformation.” (The tweet has since been deleted.)

CNN contributor Ana Navarro: Give thanks to Jesus, the immigrant farm worker.


Pop star Demi Lovato — widely celebrated for refusing to choose a gender — faced criticism last Thanksgiving for her fluctuating identification with turkeys.

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