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Nobody’s Buying Adidas’ ‘Woke’ Explanation for Using 25 Topless Women to Sell Bras

Adidas sparked backlash with a “Not Safe for Work” bra advertisement that featured photos of 25 women’s bare breasts alongside a message of empowerment and diversity.


Companies have been using wokeness to get attention for years, and this might be the most shameless example yet.


Adidas, a German apparel behemoth, unveiled the ad on social media Wednesday as part of a marketing campaign for a revamped line of “inclusive” sports bras, created to accommodate a range of body types.


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“The gallery was designed to show just how diverse breasts are, featuring different shapes and sizes that highlight why tailored support is paramount,” Adidas said in a statement.

  • The language of feminist empowerment extended to the copy on the women’s sports bra section of the company’s website, including a quotation by fat positivity activist and celebrity yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley:
  • “Support is believing in yourself and standing in your truth. Support yourself from the inside. From your core. Support is everything.”


Adidas’ provocative ad quickly went viral, dominating social media chatter, making headlines and leading to a sharp spike in Google searches for “Adidas bras.”

On Twitter, even feminists wondered if Adidas wasn’t simply putting a woke twist on the classic “sex sells” marketing strategy.

“Maybe show the bras actually supporting the tits? This isn’t page 3 hun,” said one commenter.

  • “a reminder that Adidas is doing this to… sell bras…” tweeted Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy.
  • Others jokingly expressed trepidation at what Adidas’ ad campaign for jock straps might look like.

“Breasts are a natural part of the anatomy. It’s time to remove the stigma to allow future generations to flourish,” Adidas said in one of a series of tweets responding to critics of the ad.


Nike’s highly polarizing 2018 ad campaign with celebrity social justice activist Colin Kaepernick led to a $6 billion spike in the company’s value in less than a month, according to Vox.

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