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The Democratic Party Is Too Radical for Al Sharpton

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton said shock Democratic electoral losses Tuesday in Virginia and elsewhere “validated concerns” the left has gone too far in pushing controversial policies such as defunding the police.


Political commentator Doug Heye may have put it best in a tweet Thursday: “When Al Sharpton says you’ve gone too far …”


Sharpton was quoted in a Washington Post election post-mortem Thursday that lamented voters’ apparent rejection of the radical left-wing agenda that emerged from the 2020 racial justice protests,

Sharpton suggested the left has alienated independents and moderates with “talk of violent protests or proposals to defund police departments.”

  • According to Sharpton, long considered a radical by conservatives, left-wing activists would be wise to tone down their rhetoric.


An analysis published by FiveThirtyEight in 2019 found that the Democratic Party has shifted to the left significantly over the past 30 years, especially on issues of race and immigration.

  • A July Morning Consult poll found 45% of voters believe the party is too liberal, whereas 37% think the GOP is too conservative.

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