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American Greatness: US Marine Holds Baby in Powerful Photo

American soldiers have found themselves themselves taking on unconventional roles as many Afghans attempt to flee the Taliban takeover of their country.


A photograph released by the U.S. government shows an unnamed Marine cradling a baby Friday at the Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul.


The moment went viral on Twitter along with other images of Afghans handing over their young children to U.S. commandos.

  • “For two decades, Americans have understood the human cost of the war in Afghanistan primarily through the deaths of thousands of American and Afghan soldiers. But this week, images of babies and young children hoisted into the arms of U.S. commandos highlighted what the toll has been to the innocent, prompting emotional reactions from people around the globe,” The New York Times reported Friday.

Got a photo of compassion under fire? Send it in and maybe we’ll feature it here.

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