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AMERICAN GREATNESS: Barber’s Afro-Cutting Skills Cannot Be Denied

A Texas barber shared “the funniest” review of his afro-cutting skills by an unexpectedly satisfied walk-in customer — and Twitter loved the two men’s “magical moment in integration.”


John Giesey, a barber and independent filmmaker in Dallas, on Sunday tweeted a screenshot of how the customer described the stereotype-defying haircut along with illustrative photos.

“Buzzard Skool,” said he took a chance on Giesey and ended up leaving his old barber for a “new long term relationship” with the “little white dude.”

  • “That motherf*cker was messing up my fro for the past year. Little white dude from Detroit named John Giesy chopped my sh*t up right,” the customer said.
  • “First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. Martin Luther King for this magical moment in integration.”


A Brooklyn woman was apparently fired over the weekend for allegedly saying during an argument at a local dog park that a black “antiracist” author should go “back to your hood.”

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