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AMERICAN GREATNESS: Colorado Woman Risks Life to Save Neighbor Kids From Icy Pond

Dusti Talavera, 23, has been hailed as a heroine of the people after saving three children who fell into a frozen pond Sunday.


Talavera’s lifesaving actions, which she matter-of-factly recounted at a press conference Monday, were celebrated nationwide.

According to Talavera, she was looking out the window of her Denver apartment when she saw the ice crack and the three children fall through into the frigid water.

  • As she tried to haul out the third child, Talavera fell through the ice herself — but she treaded water and kept the girl afloat until the 6 year old’s cousin showed up with a rope.
  • “Nobody was really outside,” Talavera said. “I just knew it was me that had to do it.”

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