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AMERICAN GREATNESS: 4 Videos of Meat Loaf Stealing the Show

Meat Loaf, who died Thursday at age 74, didn’t take himself too seriously, but some of his musical and film performances were truly legendary.


In response to news that Meat Loaf died following a severe COVID-19 infection, tributes poured in remembering the rocker-actor — born Marvin Lee Aday in Dallas, Texas — for his incredible versatility.

  • But a through-line in Meat Loaf’s four-decade career was a self-deprecating sense of humor that helped endear him to millions of Americans.

1. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” 1975: Meat Loaf showcased supernatural rockabilly charisma as Eddie the Ex-Delivery Boy.

2. “Spiceworld: The Movie,” 1997: Meat Loaf iconically played the Spice Girls’ bus driver, who would do anything for the band — except fix the bus toilet.

3. “Fight Club,” 1999: As sensitive giant Robert “Big Bob” Paulson, Meat Loaf memorably helped Edward Norton’s main character, a white collar insomniac, find his true self: the leader of an anti-capitalist terrorist cell.

4. “The Celebrity Apprentice,” 2011: Meat Loaf stole the Donald Trump-hosted show with a viral rant at co-contestant and fellow actor Gary Busey.


A longtime conservative activist, Meat Loaf backed Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump and, near the end of his life, opposed what he called “power-mad” pandemic restrictions.

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