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American Greatness: Sly Goes Full Rocky

Sylvester Stallone’s 2018 selfie with two turtles has stirred new controversy — and proved the actor remains America’s champ.


Stallone shared the photo to Instagram during the filming of “Creed II,” saying the turtles were his “original buddies” from the first “Rocky” movie, which launched him to Hollywood stardom in 1976.


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The Instagram post came to renewed attention this week after Reddit users questioned whether the pictured reptiles were really the same actors who played fictional Philly boxer Rocky Balboa’s pets 40-plus years ago.

  • Others users, however, noted that Stallone was likely commenting in character as Balboa on the set of his eighth “Rocky” movie.

Anyway, Balboa’s dog, Butkus, really was Stallone’s pet.

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