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AMERICAN GREATNESS: Tucker Gets Choked Up During Waukesha Christmas Tribute

Fox News host Tucker Carlson got carried away by the Christmas spirit Tuesday while airing footage of Americans coming together for the holiday.


Carlson started by bashing Democrats for trying to “wreck your Christmas” with their COVID-19 policies, but then the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment took an uncharacteristically emotional turn.


“Here’s the good news,” Carlson said. “Americans are going to celebrate Christmas anyway. They always have, and they’re going to this year. This is still America.”

  • Carlson went on to play local news clips of people “gathering with one another to celebrate what is still this country’s most sacred holiday”:
  • Carolers in Waukesha, Wisconsin, returned to the scene of last month’s deadly attack on the annual Christmas parade, and a military wife drove twelve 12 to surprise her husband at Fort Benning in Georgia.
  • “Love for your family, reverence for your God, the obligation you feel to carry on traditions that your ancestors observed — those are all bigger than COVID,” Carlson said, visibly moved. “Christmas will always remain. Thank God.”

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