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Biden Finally Responds to Border Crisis — With Sweeping New Protections for Illegal Immigrants

With the southern border overwhelmed, President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced sweeping new protections for the more than 11 million migrants who are in the country illegally.


Biden officials keep saying the border is closed while signaling that migrants are welcome.


In a memo to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said a migrant’s undocumented status “should not alone be the basis” for deportation.

Mayorkas told the Washington Post in an interview Thursday that the Biden administration will prioritize the arrest and deportation of migrants who pose a threat to national security, as well as those who recently entered the country illegally.

  • The new guidelines are set to take effect Nov. 29.


Even as Mayorkas and others in the administration have declared, “The border is closed,” migrants have continued streaming into the U.S. from Mexico at a historic rate, including 200,000 in August alone.

  • Prominent Republicans, and some Democrats, have assailed Biden for failing to secure the border, and public disapproval of his handling of immigration has helped sink his approval ratings.

But the left has also put pressure on Biden over immigration, with some complaining he has left in place many of his predecessor’s policies.

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