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This Data Point Shows Democrats’ Fears About Losing the Latino Vote Are Very Real

Hispanics’ approval of President Joe Biden is shockingly low, a new poll has revealed.


Latino voters were once seen as key to the establishment of a “permanent Democratic majority,” but there are repeated signs Democrats are now losing their hold on a previously reliable voting bloc.


The Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday, found only 28% of Hispanics approve of Biden.

The president’s approval rating among all American adults wasn’t much better, at 33%.

  • The results were similarly grim for Biden when broken down issue by issue.
  • His approval ratings were underwater on the economy, 34-57; foreign policy, 35-54; and COVID, 39-55.


Biden won 63 percent of the Latino vote in 2020, but a number of recent polls have Democrats worrying aloud that they’re losing their grip on Hispanic voters.

  • Activist organizations have started to scrub the word “Latinx” from their communications, after polling showed only 3% of Hispanics use the woke term and 40% find it offensive.
  • A Wall Street Journal poll released earlier this month found Hispanic voters are now evenly split between the two major U.S. political parties.
  • Latino supporters of Donald Trump are even more bullish on some national populist positions than white Trump supporters, a recent UnHerd analysis determined.

According to some analysts, Latino voters’ realignment is part of a broader shift to the right among working class and non-college-educated Americans.

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