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Journalist Says Hunter Biden Scandals Not ‘Interesting.’ Here’s What She Said About Ivanka Trump.

Anne Applebaum, the celebrated journalist and historian, on Wednesday dismissed a question about Hunter Biden’s scandals — years after she warned that Ivanka Trump’s White House ties were threat to democracy.


The media’s double standards are getting pretty blatant.


Applebaum has apparently overcome her once-dire concerns about the president’s children undermining America’s ideals and global image.

NOW: When Applebaum spoke at a disinformation conference held this week by The Atlantic and the University of Chicago, a student in the audience asked her to reflect on the media’s false claims that the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian disinformation.”

“My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is I think it’s totally irrelevant,” replied Applebaum, a staff writer at The Atlantic.

  • “I didn’t think Hunter Biden’s business relationships should have anything to do with who should be president of the united states, so I don’t find it to be interesting.”

THEN: In April 2017, Applebaum wrote a Washington Post column headlined “Ivanka Trump’s White House role is a symbol of democratic decline.”

  • Reflecting on Trump’s recent participation in a women’s forum in Berlin, Applebaum said: “She was on the panel because [then-German Chancellor Angela] Merkel, ever the pragmatist, realizes President Trump is not interested in history, ideas, policy or any of the other things that have long tied the United States to Germany. To maintain its deep political and economic relationship with this American administration, Germany therefore needs to be solicitous of Trump’s daughter.”
  • “One of the things that distinguishes rule-of-law democracies from personalized dictatorships is their reliance on procedures, not individual whims, and on officials — experienced people, subject to public scrutiny and ethics laws — not the unsackable relatives of the leader. That distinction is now fading,” Applebaum continued.
  • “No ordinary public official would be allowed to dine with the leader of China, as Trump did, on the same day that China granted valuable trademarks to her company. No civil servant would be able to profit from the jewelry she advertises by wearing it on public occasions. Only in kleptocracies are sons-in-law with broad international business interests allowed to make foreign policy.”


Also Wednesday, the New York Post published a list of 12 times Joe Biden allegedly played a role in Hunter Biden’s controversial overseas business dealings — contrary to repeated denials by the president and the White House.

  • “The latest example emerged Wednesday, when it was revealed that Hunter Biden got his dad to write a recommendation letter to Brown University for the son of a powerful Chinese business associate, Jonathan Li,” the Post reported.

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