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Photo Shows Accused Traitors Pledged Allegiance to Black Lives Matter

After a Maryland married couple were arrested on charges related to nuclear espionage over the weekend, a “Black Lives Matter” sign displayed outside their house raised questions online.


Is being woke anti-American?


Jonathan Toebbe, 42, a Navy nuclear engineer, and his wife, Diana Toebbe, 45, a teacher, were arrested in West Virginia Saturday and faced federal charges of violating the Atomic Energy Act.

Last April, Jonathan Toebbe, who had top-secret security clearance, offered to sell information about the design of U.S. nuclear-powered submarines to a foreign power, which later informed the United States, according to the Justice Department’s criminal complaint.

  • In December, the FBI launched a sting operation in which it paid Toebbe about $70,000 in cryptocurrency in exchange for military secrets the engineer thought he was handing over to the foreign country, which has not been identified, per the complaint.
  • In one of a series of “dead drops” over the past year, on June 26, Toebbe allegedly handed over sensitive details about U.S. nuclear submarines on a memory card hidden in a peanut butter sandwich while his wife appeared to serve as a lookout.
  • The couple has not publicly responded to the allegations.


Following the Toebbes’ arrest Sunday, The Associated Press published a photo of their Annapolis home — and “new right” personality Mike Cernovich and other Twitter users highlighted the “Black Lives Matter” sign pictured near the front door.

  • Users also highlighted Facebook posts by Diana Toebbe that express anger at former President Donald Trump and support for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and various progressive causes.
  • Some spelled out the apparent implication: Black Lives Matter is anti-American movement or at least gives cover to antisocial behavior.


Critics of wokeness have argued it serves as an ideological weapon of the liberal elite, empowering “social justice warriors” to “cancel” their rivals and deflect accountability for their mistakes and misdeeds.

  • “The great ‘awokening’ of America’s elites is also something of a great unburdening — an unburdening from the responsibilities, accountability, and scrutiny that comes with power,” dissident left-wing journalist Shant Mesrobian recently wrote on his Substack.
  • “Ultimately, it’s an unburdening of a leadership class from a country and its people. The question is: Can any country survive that?”

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