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Photo of the ‘Hottest Woman in Congress’ Sets Internet on Fire

A photo of Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., accepting a “Hottest Woman in Congress Award” has been mocked by liberals and celebrated by conservatives online.


At least culturally, the GOP is clearly the new party of the working class.


Boebert, a freshman “American first” congresswoman, appeared on The First’s “The Jesse Kelly Show” earlier this month after accepting the program’s inaugural award for congressional hotness.

PatriotTakes, a popular liberal Twitter account, resurfaced a photo of Boebert posing with the placard Friday, highlighting the misspelling of her name and the inclusion of a $27 Red Lobster gift card.

  • “There is zero chance she doesn’t take the whole frame down to Red Lobster to redeem the gift card,” read one popular reply.
  • “Lauren Boebert Accepts Misspelled ‘Hottest’ Award With Red Lobster Card” blared a Newsweek headline.
  • “Lauren Boebert is too much of a national security risk to even be allowed in Red Lobster,” tweeted progressive blogger Bill Palmer, referring to claims Boebert is a dangerous extremist.

The critics didn’t seem to realize  — or didn’t care — that Boebert and Kelly were in on the joke.

“Jesse, I do think that $27.43 is under the gift limits, but if we check with [the House Committee on] Ethics and it’s over, this is coming right back to you,” Boebert quipped in a clip from the Kelly’s show that he tweeted Friday.

  • “Yes, ma’am, I understand that we’re going to do the best we can to up that to $30 next year, depending on how the show does,” Kelly replied.


Boebert, a high-school dropout turned restaurant owner, and other members of the House Freedom Caucus, have helped give the GOP a more populist vibe in the Trump era.

  • Although the GOP has yet to define a new governing agenda, the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., have sought to chart a working-class policy future for the party.
  • Meanwhile, moderate Democrats and un-woke liberals have complained that the historic party of the working class is increasingly adopting the priorities and language of liberal elites.

A 2020 Bloomberg News analysis found that truckers, construction workers, carpenters, builders, electricians, cops, mechanics and maintenance employees were among the occupations most likely to donate to Trump.

  • By contrast, teachers, professors, therapists, lawyers, HR department staff, finance professionals and bankers overwhelmingly gave to Biden.

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