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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Woke Rutgers Professor Shares Unfiltered Thoughts on White People

Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper has said white people are “villains” as a group and she longs to call for violence against them.


“The thing I want to say to you is, ‘We gotta take these motherf*ckers out,’ but like, we can’t say that, right?” Cooper said in a recently surfaced Sept. 21 interview, which was part of a lecture series put on by The Root Institute. “I don’t believe in a project of violence.”

Cooper, aka “Professor Crunk,” an associate professor of women’s and gender studies and Africana studies, has become known for her radical takes on race and gender.

  • Her discussion with Michael Harriot, a writer for black-focused news and culture site The Root, centered on the national controversy over the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools.
  • “The issue that the right has is that critical race theory is just the proper teaching of American history,” Cooper said.
  • At one point during her wide-ranging attack on the “white supremacist” structures she saw underpinning American society, Cooper declared: “I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate.”


Cooper has a record of making incendiary comments about white people and conservatives.

  • In a much-criticized 2019 interview with National Public Radio in 2019, Cooper claimed white people “own time.”
  • Last year, she took heat for tweeting “f*ck each and every Trump supporter” after blaming the “MAGA” crowd for the deaths of black Americans during the pandemic.

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