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Looks Like It’s Time for Mask Mandate Zealots to Eat Crow

Many liberal doomsayers predicted catastrophe if states lifted their face mask mandates for schools, but that hasn’t happened so far.


This is good news, people.


Since the CDC relaxed its COVID-19 guidance late last month, only two states have kept mask mandates in place in classrooms.

  • Washington was scheduled to drop its mask mandates next week, leaving only Hawaii without an expiration date on the policy.


Although the CDC’s mask mandates were never scientifically justified, mostly-liberal Americans across the country have passionately protested their belated rollback.

  • “We already saw that Omicron took no prisoner, even vaccinated, boosted individuals suffered from COVID. We’re concerned that reinfections will affect our communities, we’re concerned about our Black, Latino and immigrant communities, who haven’t had access to the vaccine,” an organizer of a pro-mandate protest in New York City said on local TV last week.
  • Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order last month ending school mask mandates was met with similar outrage from some educators and parents in the state.


Time, however, has not borne out the mask hawks’ dire warnings — with infection and death rates continuing to plummet nationwide.

In Virginia, which did away with its school mask mandate two weeks ago, cases have declined by 20% in the past week.

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