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CHYRON OF THE DAY: Biden Goes on a Bike Ride as the World Burns

Fox News contrasted President Biden’s leisurely bicycle ride in Delaware with besieged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warning of a potential World War III.


Biden was photographed last Sunday riding his bike in Rehoboth Beach, the same day Zelenskyy warned on CNN that a failed negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin could lead to “a third world war.”

Fox News covered the story as breaking news, broadcasting a caption that read: “Biden Bike Ride as Zelenskyy warns of WWIII.”

  • On “Hannity” later Sunday evening, Eric Trump used the footage of Biden biking to compare the president unfavorably with his father.
  • “He’s riding slowly, he’s probably going to get ice cream,” Eric Trump joked. “Literally in a world where you almost have World War III, all the problems domestically, and the guy’s literally riding a beach cruiser around the place. My father would be giving speeches in front of F-35s.”

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