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FAIL: CNN Host Mocked for Super-Serious Selfie

Wolf Blitzer’s selfie commemorating Jan. 6 has gone viral on the right as a symbol of the mainstream media’s clueless self-importance.


Blitzer tweeted the photo of himself looking serious near the Capitol Wednesday in honor of the nine-month anniversary of the building being stormed by an “angry mob.”


The tweet was thoroughly “ratioed,” the ultimate sign of the internet’s disapproval, and conservatives derided Blitzer for his apparent eagerness to record Jan. 6 among history’s great tragedies.

  • “Might be a personal problem when you celebrate the anniversary every month of January 6 more than your wedding,” quipped social media consultant Caleb Hull.

Others wondered when Blitzer planned to memorialize recent incidents of left-wing political violence, with Rita Panahi, a columnist at Australia’s Herald Sun, recalling CNN’s coverage of 2020’s hugely destructive racial justice riots.

Yet others edited Blitzer’s photo to illustrate the weird — and in some cases sexual — vibes they were getting from him.


Blitzer, the veteran anchor of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” has more than once made viewers cringe with his interpretation of current events, including on election night 2016 and during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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