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Gay Conservative Pundit Sparks Controversy By Using Surrogate to Have Baby With Husband

Dave Rubin, host of the popular “Rubin Report” podcast, announced last week he is having two babies via surrogates, drawing mixed reactions from fellow right-leaning commentators.


How big is the conservative tent?


Rubin — a former liberal who told the Daily Signal last year that he now identifies as conservative — announced Wednesday that he and his husband are expecting.

In a YouTube video, Rubin detailed his experience with the surrogacy process, from choosing between prospective egg donors to finding a gestational surrogate during the pandemic.

  • “So you basically go on all of these websites, there are all of these sites, and it’s sort of like Tinder or whatever app you were dating on where you just kind of swipe through people and you say, ‘Oh, I like the way she looks,’ or, ‘This girl had a great education,’ or some combination thereof,” he said.
  • “And, you know, there are different rates and all of these things.”
  • Rubin also described how a number of eggs taken from the female donors were split into two groups and fertilized with either his or his husband’s semen to create two babies.


CONGRATULATIONS: Many prominent figures in the conservative media lined up to congratulate Rubin.

CONDEMNATION: But some social conservatives felt differently.

Mary Harrington, a self-described reactionary feminist, argued in Unherd that surrogacy is “profoundly dystopian” as women are “being partly if not wholly objectified: transformed to a suite of manufacturing services.”

  • “No matter how powerful the longing for children, we must not seek to transcend the limitations of our sexed bodies, if this comes at the cost of using women’s internal organs as industrial machinery,” she said.

Jenna Ellis, a Newsmax contributor and former Trump campaign lawyer, tweeted that while she loves her “friend Dave Rubin” she cannot condone his “lifestyle or raising children with two dads.”

  • “No amount of ‘respectful’ dialogue can overcome the inconvenient truth that the homosexual lifestyle is morally wrong,” she said.

Declan Leary, an American Conservative editor, wrote that there’s no room in the “new conservative movement” for people like Rubin.

  • “This is evil, plain and simple,” Leary said of the fertilization process undertaken by Rubin and his husband, producer David Janet. “Dave and Dave paid for the creation of roughly 18 unique, individual human beings, just so that two of them could be successfully implanted in rented wombs and delivered to their purchasers after a nine-month interval. The fate of the other 16 need not be spelled out.”
  • Leary also said: “If we cannot draw a line in the sand between ourselves and those who would sanction the industrial slaughter of unborn innocents, then American conservatism is not just pointless but actively destructive. I don’t care how big the tent is; if it has baby killers in it, I’m leaving.”

Delano Squires, a BlazeTV contributor, noted that some Christian conservatives “see the right following the left’s path related to LGBTQIA+ issues, just a few paces behind.”

  • “For Christians who hold to a biblical worldview regarding [sex, sexuality, marriage and family], seeing fellow conservatives celebrate the creation of children to fulfill the desires of adults apart from God’s design for the family was a painful, but necessary reminder that conservatism and Christianity are not the same,” he said.

CONVERSATION: In an interview with Rubin, BlazeTV host Glenn Beck suggested only God could judge the podcaster.

Beck said he believes marriage is between man and a woman, but “if we can’t have a conversation about things that we don’t necessarily understand and probably won’t until we get to the other side, we have to just work it out together …”

  • “Dave, I disagree or I don’t know what the answer is,” he added, “but I love you.”