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Democratic Data Geeks Accidentally Crunch a Number That Proves How Out of Touch They Are With Americans

An experiment conducted by a progressive analytics firm found that the more its staff liked a Democratic campaign ad, the more the American people hated it.


This helps explain why Democrats are so out of touch.


Speaking to Politico for a feature published earlier this month, political consultant David Shor recalled his former employer, Civis Analytics, being shocked by voters’ reactions to Democratic campaign commercials during the 2016 election cycle.

According to Shor, 20 percent of the ads, including “Mirrors,” a Hillary Clinton presidential spot beloved by the young liberals on her staff, made viewers more likely to vote for Republicans than those who hadn’t seen the ads.

  • Civis found that on average the more members of its staff liked an ad, the worse it performed with the public.
  • “The reason is that my staff and me, we’re super f—ing different than than the median voter,” Shor told Politico. “We’re a solid 30 years younger.”


Shor has been a leading voice on the left warning that the trendy, more radical, “woke” politics en vogue with young progressive tastemakers aren’t even popular with Democratic voters.

  • Civis fired Shor last June for tweeting a study suggesting the 2020 racial justice riots would likely hurt the Democrats electorally.

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