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Who’s Having the Worst Day on Twitter

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Jen Rubin and inflation skeptics are all having bad days.

  • But who is having the worst day on Twitter?


Dr. Anthony Fauci: The infectious disease specialist and liberal icon said migrants crossing the southern border shouldn’t necessarily be subject to new mandatory COVID testing for travelers coming into the U.S. Twitter had a field day with the apparent double standard.

Jennifer Rubin: The former conservative is very worried about the outcome of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, seen as the most serious challenge to Roe v. Wade in 30 years. As Twitter users were quick to note, Rubin’s current stance stands in stark contrast to her past anti-abortion statements.

Inflation skeptics: Jerome Powell testified Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee and said it’s a “good time to retire” the term “transitory” for recent price hikes. Inflation hawks on Twitter claim they’ve been vindicated now that the chairman of the federal reserve has admitted inflation is here to stay.


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