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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Electing Black Republicans Is Actually Racist


In a piece titled, “Why White Voters With Racist Views Often Still Support Black Republicans,” Jefferson and Tesler argued that voting for black Republicans is correlated with beliefs they identify as racist.

They cited presidential primary data from 2015 that showed supporters of black Republican Ben Carson were more likely to think black people have too much influence in politics as compared to supporters of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

  • “Race, after all, is a social construct. It has meaning because we imbue it with meaning. Racially prejudiced whites are not hostile to Blackness, per se,” Jefferson and Tesler wrote. “They are hostile to a particular manifestation of Blackness — one that reflects a commitment to racial justice and the advancement of the group’s collective goals.”
  • Pivoting to the recent Virginia election results, which saw voters elect black Republican Winsome Sears to the post of lieutenant governor, the FiveThirtyEight contributors claimed, “Sears’s conservative politics don’t threaten the racial hierarchy, and her candidacy provides cover for a party that’s often antagonistic to racial minorities.”
  • “For racially prejudiced whites, the real question is what is there not to love about Black politicians like Sears?” Tesler and Jefferson added.


It’s not the first time liberal commentators have claimed black Americans with heterodox views are functioning as useful mouthpieces for racism.

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