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SNAPSHOT: Photo of Biden With Disgraced Theranos Founder Is the Last Thing He Needed

Photos of then-Vice President Joe Biden promoting Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos biotech startup in 2015 have resurfaced on social media following her conviction Monday for defrauding investors.


Biden can’t really afford for Americans to trust him less than they already do.


In July 2015, Biden participated in a roundtable with Holmes and visited the headquarters of Theranos, then valued at $9 billion and viewed as having revolutionary potential.

“This is the laboratory of the future,” Biden said during the discussion about healthcare.

  • “It is an absolute privilege and a tremendous honor to have Vice President Biden here with us,” Holmes said. “He is someone I so deeply respect and am so inspired by the context of his service to our country and the bold actions he has taken in service to our country throughout his career.”

Other big shots got duped, too.

  • “Theranos board members included former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former Democratic Sen. Sam Nunn, former Republican Sen. Bill Frist, and former Trump Defense Secretary James Mattis,” the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy wrote Monday in a report recalling Biden’s boosterism on behalf of Holmes and Theranos.
  • Among the startup’s investors were conservative luminaries like Rupert Murdoch and the family of former Trump secretary of education Betsy DeVos.

Two months before Biden’s visit to Theranos HQ, President Barack Obama named Holmes a “Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.”


A jury on Monday found Holmes, 37, guilty of one federal charge of conspiracy to defraud investors and three counts of wire fraud for lying to investors in order to raise cash for Theranos.

Holmes falsely claimed Theranos’ technology allowed for a wide range of medical tests from only a few drops of blood.

  • The Stanford University dropout faces up to 20 years in prison for each count, although it is unlikely she will receive the maximum sentence.
  • She was expected to appeal the verdict.


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