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QUOTE OF THE DAY: No One Can Really Say What a ‘Woman’ Is

British think-tank director Ellie Mae O’Hagen said anyone who claims to be able to define “man” and “woman” by appealing to biology is a liar.


O’Hagen, who directs the Center for Labour and Social Studies, made the comments Wednesday during a BBC “Politics Live” discussion about British policies toward transgender people.

“You know, I actually don’t know why some people are women and why some people are men. No one on this panel does, and anyone who claims to know the answer to that question is a liar,” she said in response to BBC presenter Jo Coburn.

  • Coburn had pressed O’Hagen on the “definition of ‘woman’ as by your biological sex, rather than your preferred gender identity.”


Liberals and media elites are increasingly sympathetic to the notion that biological sex is a myth, but their stance doesn’t square with the broader public’s feelings on the issue.

  • A 2019 study found that Americans are overwhelmingly more likely to privilege biological notions of sex when thinking about transgender people’s sex.

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