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College Football Player Showboats. His Coach Yells at Him. ESPN Analyst Cries Racism.

An ESPN analyst called the University of Oregon football coach’s tongue-lashing of his player for showboating Saturday “bad optics,” citing U.S. racial tensions.


Is discipline racist?


Late in the second quarter of nationally ranked Oregon’s game against the University of Arizona Wildcats, Ducks receiver Kris Hutson spun the ball after a catch and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct — enraging his head coach, Mario Cristobal.

Hutson, who is black, humbly endured the dressing-down from Cristobal, who is Cuban American, replying, “Yes, sir.”


Cristobal’s act of coaching was interpreted by ESPN analyst Rod Gilmore as akin to a racial injustice.

Gilmore scolded Cristobal on Twitter Monday.

  • “U can deliver the lesson w/o flexing your power & control. It did not make Black parents I know happy,” he said.

Many commenters pushed back on Gilmore’s racialized interpretation of the exchange.

  • “Black parent here x5. And I talked to a lot of other parents about this,” tweeted former University of Oregon and NFL player George Wrightster III. “Kid messed up in a big spot. Coach chewed him out. It was over. If it were my son i would have NO problem with what happened.”
  • Others noted that white college football players are not immune to verbal spankings from their coaches.


Some liberals have pointed to research showing racial disparities in school discipline as evidence that traditional notions of good behavior are rooted in “white supremacy.”

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