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QUOTE OF THE DAY: What the Heck Is ‘Filipinxs’?

Carlos Oronce, the president-elect of the Filipinx Community Health Association, has raised eyebrows with the cutting-edge terminology in his recent op-ed.


“For Filipinxs, health care work in the U.S. has been an enduring legacy of American colonialism whose health consequences have predictably played out during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Oronce wrote in the opinion essay published Monday by Stat, a health news site.

In the essay, Oronce argued that Asian Americans, and particularly Filipino Americans, have been “[l]ost in the conversation” about the link between racism and poor COVID-19 health outcomes.

  • “While the official numbers show that Asian Americans have lower death rates from Covid-19, the few states in which data are broken out by Asian ethnicity reveal sharply higher proportions of Filipinxs who have contracted the disease and died from it,” he said.


On Twitter, users drew comparisons between Oronce’s use of “Filipinx” and the controversy over the term, “Latinx,” which has gained increasing acceptance among progressives, if not among actual Latinos.

Meanwhile, David Lat, an Asian American legal blogger, tweeted Friday that in his personal experience, “hardly any of us use the term ‘Filipinx’ (just as “Latinx” isn’t in super-wide usage in that particular community).”

  • Just 3% of Hispanics use the term “Latinx” and only 1 in four have even heard of the phrase, an August 2020 Pew survey found.

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