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These Three Tweets Show CNN Plus May Already Be Screwed

CNN heralded the launch of its streaming service Tuesday as a “historic moment” for the network, but there have already been signs of trouble — in the form of three tweets.


As Allahpundit put it, “[I]f they’re not already preparing for layoffs, they probably should be.”


A day after CNN Plus made its “historic” debut, Fox Business senior correspondent Charles Gasparino reported disappointing-looking sales have employees “bracing for layoffs.”

1. Gasparino tweeted the news, saying CNN’s new majority owner, Discovery, could absorb the channel into its preexisting streaming platform as early as May.

2. Matt Dornic, CNN’s head of strategic communications, replied that, actually, CNN was “only bracing for long run success” — but few Twitter users seemed convinced.

3. Completing the trifecta, CNN Plus’ customer support account then replied to Dornic, apparently confusing him for a subscriber amid an overeager — some said desperate — welcome campaign.


In a Wednesday blog post, Allahpundit wrote “a concept like CNN+ seems doomed to fail quickly, no?

  • “Which demographic out there is willing to pay money for more content from a cable network that’s chronically in third place in the ratings? Fox and MSNBC at least can leverage hardcore partisan bases,” he said.
  • “But hey. For your six bucks, you get Brian Stelter at 11 a.m. ET. Every day.”

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