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One Data Point Is the Clearest Sign Yet That Democrats Will Get Crushed in the Midterms

The major U.S. political parties have seen a dramatic reversal of fortune, per a new poll, with Americans’ now favoring Republicans over Democrats.


This is what critics of the Democrats’ woke agenda have been warning about.


The Gallup poll, released Monday, found that over the course of last year, U.S. adults went from identifying with the Democrats by 9 points to identifying with the GOP by 5 points.

The shift in party affiliation was the biggest in one calendar year for Gallup’s 30 years of tracking.

  • And the shift coincided with Joe Biden’s plummeting approval ratings: the less popular the president became, the more steam Republicans gained.
  • “A summer surge of infections tied to the delta variant of the coronavirus made it clear the pandemic was not over in the U.S., and Biden’s approval ratings began to sag. Later, the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan caused Biden’s ratings to fall further, into the low 40s. His ratings remain low as the U.S. battles rising inflation and yet another surge of COVID-19 infections, tied to the omicron variant of the virus,” wrote Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones.


Democratic politicians and strategists have been freaking out about a potential blowout for their party in the 2020 midterms since at least November 2021, when the GOP notched surprise victories in Virginia and elsewhere.

  • “With the White House legislative agenda in shambles less than a year before the midterm elections, Democrats are sounding alarms that their party could face even deeper losses than anticipated without a major shift in strategy led by the president,” The New York Times reported last week.
  • “Clearly, the current strategy is failing and we need a major course correction,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.
  • “It seems like the Democrats can’t get out of their own way,” said Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio.
  • “Leadership set out with a failed strategy, and while I guess, maybe they can message that they tried, it actually isn’t going to yield real laws,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla.
  • “We really kind of need to reset at this point,” said Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill.

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