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SNAPSHOT: Christmas Stocking Missing From Biden Family’s Decorations Hides Their Shame

Critics of President Joe Biden noticed that a new video shows only six of his seven grandchildren are listed on the Christmas stockings hanging in the White House’s State Dining Room.


Dailymail political reporter Emily Goodin, who recently attended a press tour of the White House, posted a video of Biden’s Christmas decorations to Twitter on Monday.

Goodin noted in a tweet that the stockings hanging on the fireplace were inscribed with the names of the president’s grandchildren.

  • The White House unveiled the decorations, which centered on the theme of “Gifts from the Heart,” on Monday, the Associated Press reported.
  • In remarks to volunteers, first lady Jill Biden said her vision for the scene was inspired by faith, family and unity.
  • “For all of our differences, we are united by what really matters,” she said. “Like points on a star, we come together at the heart. That is what I wanted to reflect in our White House this year. In each room, we tell a story of gifts from the heart.”


Conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out that not all of the president’s grandchildren were recognized with a stocking.

  • “There are stockings here for only six of Joe Biden’s seven grandkids. Joe basically refuses to acknowledge the existence of the young child that Hunter Biden had with Lunden Alexis Roberts. A DNA test proved it was Hunter’s child & Hunter was pushed into paying child support,” tweeted Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy.
  • Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s oft-beleaguered son, was embroiled in a tabloid controversy last year stemming from a paternity suit against him by former stripper Lunden Roberts.
  • Hunter Biden settled with Roberts last March after a DNA test “with scientific certainty” that he is the father of her child.

Joe Biden has in the past overlooked the number of grandchildren he has.

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