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You May Be Surprised by How Many Republicans Aren’t Vaccinated

Are conservatives really skipping the COVID-19 shot or is vaccine skepticism overblown?


The answer should be a wakeup call to the Democrats.


Almost 3/4 of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and the most recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, released earlier this month, broke out the rate among Republicans.


According to the poll, 26% of Republicans say they will “definitely not” take the vaccine, in defiance of CDC guidelines.

  • Fully 91% of Democrats report already getting a dose.
  • A recent Kaiser Family Foundation analysis found partisanship is now the strongest self-identifying predictor of being unvaccinated.


Resistance to vaccines and other pandemic-era impositions is clearly more than just a talking point, championed on the right and denounced on the left.

  • Republicans are willing to bet their lives that they don’t need the vaccines.
  • Ultimately, even many Democrats respect that conviction, per an Axios-Ipsos poll published Tuesday.
  • “This carries real political risk for Democrats as President Biden’s mandates on federal workers and large employers meet legal challenges across the country and Republicans try to use the implementation of mandates as a wedge issue,” Axios reported.

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