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Kamala Harris Aide Brings Interview to Screaming Halt

An aide for Kamala Harris interrupted the vice president’s interview with a Pittsburgh news station by yelling very loudly.


Is President Joe Biden’s White House the most stage-managed administration in recent memory?


Near the end of the Harris’ virtual sit-down with CBS affiliate KDKA on Wednesday, an aide interjected, screaming, “Last question!”


As KDKA reporter Jon Delano pressed the vice president on the Biden administration’s plan to address issues caused by supply chain disruptions, Harris’ aide interjected again in an attempt to bring the questions to a end.

  • Harris said the administration was, in the short-term, working to keep American shipping ports open for longer hours to free up supply bottlenecks and suggested paying workers higher wages to tackle labor shortages.
  • Long-term, Harris agreed with Delano about bringing manufacturing home to the United States.


Critics have often accused the Biden White House of stage-managing the president and the vice president — though the pair have managed plenty of gaffes and public relations blunders regardless.

  • On Monday, it was revealed that the children seen looking excited to meet Harris in a Space Week video were actors.
  • Harris spoke Thursday at a virtual town hall in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which contains a  presidential-themed set that critics have dubbed the “fake White House.”

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