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This Video Shows Conservatives May Be the Only People Left Who Understand Kanye West

Kanye West is seen watching a “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment about him in documentary footage that aired Wednesday on Netflix.


While many liberals long for the return of “the old Kanye,” conservatives love him just the way he is.


Near the end of “Jeen-Yuhs” — the Netflix trilogy based on 20 years of previously unseen archival video of West’s life — the superstar rapper reacts enthusiastically to a July 2020 segment in which Fox News host Tucker Carlson defends him.

Back then, the media was in an uproar over a speech West had just given passionately denouncing drugs, pornography and abortion — and confessing to having considered aborting his eldest daughter, North.

  • West, in the documentary, watches as Carlson praises the rapper’s pro-life remarks and pushes back on attempts to dismiss him as insane.
  • “Call him crazy as quick as you can, before anyone can pay attention to him!” Carlson quips.
  • Of reports that West, who has been open about his mental health struggles, was experiencing a “bipolar episode,” Carlson says: “Maybe he is. We don’t know. But that doesn’t mean what he said is wrong.”

At one point, a member of West’s entourage urges him to stop watching the Carlson segment, calling the top-rated cable news host, “negative.”

  • “No, this is facts, bro!” West replies.
  • When the same man says Carlson is “taking your words out of context,” West disagrees: “He’s putting them in context!”


The debut of West’s 2004 album, “The College Dropout,” marked the beginning of his reign as perhaps the most influential and acclaimed artist of his generation.

But the tone of the media’s coverage began to shift when West came out as a Donald Trump supporter in 2016.

  • Since then, West’s views have only gotten more idiosyncratic and heterodox – inspiring countless reports portraying him as having “gone off the rails.”
  • Meanwhile, friends and associates have lined up to denounce West’s politics.

As with other celebrities who have run afoul of liberal orthodoxy, the right has largely embraced West and his Christian, media-skeptical views.

  • In July of last year, Politico reported that Carlson had been telling people he voted for West in the 2020 election.

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