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SNAPSHOT: This Photo Sums Up Why Conservative Parents Are So Outraged About Loudoun County

An image of a handcuffed father, bloodied after a scuffle with police, is making the rounds again amid an intensifying school controversy in Loudoun County, Virginia.


The photo of Scott Smith, a plumber who was tackled to the floor at a June 22 school board meeting, was posted to Twitter Wednesday by Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo.

Smith, who was arrested and found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, attended the meeting to voice outrage about the May sexual assault of his 15-year-old daughter in a Loudoun County high school girls’ bathroom.

  • The details of the case – the assailant was transgender and allegedly wore a skirt during the assault – have made it a culture-war lightning rod.
  • Mainstream media outlets were initially dismissive of Smith and the allegation that his daughter had been raped.
  • But they had to change their tune after a Virginia juvenile court judge ruled Monday that the transgender teenager had committed the crime.


In recent months, concerned parents have been showing up to school board meetings across the country to protest what they perceive to be politically and ideologically motivated curricula and policies, such as mask mandates and the teaching of gender ideology and critical race theory.

  • They say their concerns are being dismissed by the progressives in charge, who are more concerned with boosting woke policies.
  • “Caught amid this Kafkaesque nightmare was a father trying to protect his daughter,” New York Post columnist Miranda Devine wrote in reference to Smith earlier this month. “Too bad. He’s an inconvenient reproach to the perverted equity agenda, so he must be crushed like a bug.”

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