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QUOTE OF THE DAY: MTG Tells Mayor Pete and His Husband to ‘Stay Out of Girl’s Bathrooms’

At a rally for Donald Trump in Commerce, Georgia on Saturday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene told United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and his husband to “stay out of our girl’s bathrooms.”


“You know what? Pete Buttigieg can take his electric vehicles and his bicycles, and he and his husband can stay out of our girl’s bathrooms,” Greene said at the rally.

Laws addressing the use of restrooms by transgender people became a hot-button topic beginning in 2015 and 2016.

  • More recently, a culture war fight has boiled over regarding the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports.
  • Greene’s remarks sparked confusion among some social media commenters, who noted that Buttigieg and his husband are gay, not transgender.


In an April 2016 interview with a local news outlet, Buttigieg – then serving as mayor of South Bend, Indiana – criticized bills that required transgender people to use the restroom corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth.


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