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Maxine Waters Claims Her Twitter Was Hacked and No One Can Figure Out What the Heck She’s Talking About

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., announced Tuesday that her Twitter account was “hacked and erased”— in a tweet from her totally normal looking Twitter account.


Waters assured her 1.6 million followers that she knows “who has done this” and “will take care” of it, before signing off “M Waters.”


Fellow Twitter users expressed confusion at Waters’ claim given that she appeared to have access to the Twitter account and her previous tweets were still visible.

  • Twitter told The Hill they had “identified no signs of account compromise.”
  • Waters’ office did not respond to requests for comment.

Some conservative commentators questioned Waters’ intelligence, with social media consultant Caleb Hall recalling former President Donald Trump’s previous insults of the congresswoman.

“These are the people running our country,” quipped journalist Jon Nicosia.


According to a ProPublica tracker, six standard-issue Waters tweets had been quickly deleted in the past 24 hours, as The Wrap reported.

  • John Sexton of the Hot Air blog speculated that one of Waters’ aides may have deleted her tweets or that she may have done so herself and “got confused.”

Waters, 83, a long-serving member of the Congressional Black Caucus, achieved internet fame during the Trump era with inflammatory and often-racially charged rants.

  • However, her grasp of the facts and of the workings of the internet have been called into question before.


In an April 2019 MSNBC appearance, Waters falsely claimed the Mueller report vindicated her early calls for Trump to be impeached for Russia “collusion,” which she said she uncovered two years earlier by browsing social media.

  • “The Kremlin clan, as identified, has been on my ‘Facepage’ on ‘Tweeter,’ for almost two years,” she said, apparently referring to Facebook and Twitter. “We know who they are, and this report only confirms that.”

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