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THE 4PM POLL: What’s Your Favorite Over-the-Top Republican Campaign Ad?

In a new video, Nevada gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore fires off three gunshots at beer bottles labelled “vaccine mandates,” “critical race theory” and “voter fraud” while standing in front of a pickup truck bearing a “Trump 2024” bumper sticker.

  • Fiore’s spot is far from the only over-the-top campaign ad put out by a GOP candidate in recent memory.


April 2020: Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene from Georgia vows to destroy socialism by shooting it with a .50-caliber rifle.

March 2021: “Big” Dan Rodimer, a former professional wrestler running for Congress in Texas, promises to “put a boot” in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “socialist platform.”

July 2021: Teddy Daniels, a House candidate in Pennsylvania, stuns elites at a hoity-toity restaurant by ripping open his button-up to reveal an “America First” T-shirt.

October 2021: Las Vegas Republican councilwoman and Nevada gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore unveils her “Three Shot Plan” to combat the Democrats.


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