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NOT THE ONION: Baltimore Admits Street Sign Honoring Drug Dealer Wasn’t a Great Idea

The city of Baltimore has announced that a street sign it recently put up to honor a convicted drug dealer is coming down.


Baltimore approved the sign commemorating Anthony “Mo$” Covington in August, after he was shot and killed in the Pigtown neighborhood, Fox45 reported.

  • While friends and relatives took to the internet to tout him as a “family man who loved everyone,” other Pigtowners remembered Covington — who was convicted on narcotics charges in 2017 — differently.
  • “He sold drugs there,” said a resident who spoke to Fox 45 on condition of anonymity. “When someone has a dollar sign as part of their name, there is a problem.”
  • The city promised to remove the sign and “revamp” the oversight process for ceremonial street signs.

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