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NOT THE ONION: China Cracks Down on ‘Dancing Grannies’ in Real-Life ‘Footloose’

Concerned citizens and local officials in communist China have taken steps to put an end to “dancing grannies” in public spaces.


A video shared widely on Chinese social media site Weibo in recent days demonstrates how a “stun gun” device can be used to silence stereos used by the folk dancing groups, which some 100 million older women have come to rely on for socializing and exercise, according to the South China Morning Post.

Dozens of “anti-square dancing devices” were being sold online, for about $39 each, per the Post, with one Weibo user saying: “There is definitely a market for this thing and I want to buy one to play with. How much does one cost?”

  • Some people have gone further, dumping buckets of feces on the mostly elderly square dancers, the U.K.’s Channel 4 reported.

In 2019, a Hong Kong neighborhood banned the “dancing grannies” after residents protested against noise pollution, according to the Post.

  • The same year, the northeastern port city of Tianjin instituted fines for dancers who become too loud in public as part of its campaign to encourage “civilized behaviors,” The Guardian reported.


Watch Kenny Loggins’ 1984 “Footloose” music video, with scenes from the movie in which a small town ban on dancing proves no match for Kevin Bacon’s moves.

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