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NOT THE ONION: Judge Tells Couple Trying to Get a Divorce They Have to Stay Married

A Kentucky judge has denied a married couple’s request for a divorce, insisting “you all might be able to work this out.”


Judge Monika Meredith of Bullitt Country, Kentucky, last month told Doug and Nicole Potts she would not let them end their 13-year marriage, local NBC affiliate WAVE reported Tuesday.

  • “Frankly, the Court observes these parties … perhaps, have let their pride become a wall between them,” Meredith wrote in her order.
  • According to WAVE, the Potts’ have been separated since November and told the judge they’ve been successfully co-parenting their young daughter.
  • Meredith’s order prohibits either party from bringing romantic partners around their daughter.

Attorneys for the Potts have filed motions asking the judge to set aside her order and grant the divorce.

  • They said Meredith mistook the couples’ maturity and communication skills for enduring romantic attachment.

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