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NOT THE ONION: Pro-Choice Advocate Creates Uterus-Shaped Challah for Women’s Rights

A graphic designer’s bold culinary statement about women’s reproductive rights has gone viral.


Jacey Taub, of Rye, New York, posted a challah shaped like the female reproductive system to Instagram on Saturday.

When Danya Ruttenberg, a rabbi and progressive activist, posted a screenshot of the bread to Twitter, it went viral, racking up more than 4,000 likes.

  • The Union of Reform Judaism has a history of robust support for abortion.
  • Ruttenberg, a member of the Reform Judaism movement, is the founder of “Rabbis for Repro,” a group of Jewish clergy working to promote abortion rights.


A Texas law banning abortion after the first six weeks of pregnancy has triggered a lawsuit from the Department of Justice and appears to be headed for a Supreme Court challenge.

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