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People Are Blaming Biden’s Flamboyant ‘Intern’ for the Afghanistan Crisis

The White House’s recent collaboration with a gender-bending TikTok star has been getting renewed attention in connection with the crisis in Afghanistan.


On the very online right, “Benny Drama” and Afghanistan are both symbols of American decline under President Joe Biden.


A number of Twitter populists have sought to explain the ugly U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan by pointing to a pro-vaccine internet video from earlier this month in which Drama, played by internet comedian Benito Skinner, stars as a flamboyant crossdressing intern in Biden’s White House.

Similar Drama-themed commentary about U.S. weakness came from former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka, activist Jack Posobiec, Afghanistan veteran Teddy Daniels and others.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken — a prominent advocate of the position that Afghanistan withdrawal will in fact strengthen America — on Wednesday defended ongoing negotiations with the Taliban as necessary to evacuate 1,500-plus Americans who may be left in the country along with U.S. “partners.”

  • “And for that purpose, first the Taliban, whether we like it or not, is in control, largely in control of the country, certainly in control of the city of Kabul, and it’s been important to work with them to try to facilitate and ensure the departure of those who want to leave,” he said.

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