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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Progressives Want to Teach Your Kids ‘Woke’ Sex-Ed

Progressive activists launched a group this week that seeks to “transform U.S. sex education for good.”


“We believe that sex education done right can sit at that intersection of gender justice, racial justice and queer liberation,” Christine Soyong Harley said Tuesday at a live virtual conference announcing the launch of EducateUS.

“[EducateUS] is about ensuring that we are making policy progress that centers the lived experiences of our most marginalized and underserved populations – people of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, trans and non-binary folks who need our help.”

“We believe that good public sex education can change the world — and we’re not going to stop until every child in this country has access to it,” EducateUS said in a separate launch video, which accused “right-wing extremists” of using “homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynistic” propaganda to tamp down on progressive sex-ed.

  • According to EducateUS’s website, the group plans to change the “race-class narrative framework” around K-12 sex-ed through activism and lobbying.
  • “The full generational shift we are pursuing will take time — we currently estimate it to be a 20-30 year project,” the site said.


Activist Christopher Rufo has been credited with helping the GOP win last week’s election in Virginia by campaigning against critical race theory-influenced curricula in schools.

  • Americans broadly reject the teaching of race and gender ideology in schools, according to polls.

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