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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Check Out This Woke New Word for Women

A feminine care product company executive sparked backlash Monday by referring to people who use menstruation products as “bleeders.”


Yoppie, a British startup that sells pads and skincare, quoted its founder and CEO Daniella Peri in a post to the company’s Instagram account.


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“Most bleeders know how they are impacted by their period, but unfortunately aren’t in touch with their feelings and symptoms in the other phases of their cycle. We’re here to change that,” Peri said.

  • Peri’s remarks sparked backlash from feminists who accused the brand of “erasing” women.
  • The Yoppie CEO responded to the criticism by issuing a statement Wednesday, saying that “being at the forefront of menstrual health” was “fraught with challenges, mistakes and learnings.”
  • “We strongly believe all women, girls and people with a menstrual cycle should feel welcome at Yoppie,” Peri said.

“We also understand there are many women who don’t have periods, and some people who menstruate who are not women. We’re proud to host a safe space for anyone wishing to take charge of their menstrual health.”


Other liberals — including credentialed left-wingers like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. — have struggled to consistently use inclusive terms to refer to the set of people who experience menstruation, give birth and breastfeed.

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