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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Ukraine War Zone Isn’t ‘Very Rainbow Friendly’

Amid a Russian assault on Kyiv, CBS News on Tuesday spotlighted a transgender resident of the Ukrainian capital’s personal battle against “discrimination.”


In the segment, Zi Faamelu, a biological man who identifies as female, described being stuck at home for fear of the violence and transphobia raging outside.

“This is not a very rainbow-friendly place, so lives for trans people are very bleak here,” Faamelu said. “A war within a war, truly, truly.”

  • “If you have male gender in your passport, they will not let you go abroad, they will not let you through,” explained Faamelu, whose passport reads “male.”
  • Ukrainian authorities have barred men ages 18-60 from leaving the country in case they are needed to fight the Russian invasion.

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