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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Vote Republican or Everybody Dies

Stuart Stevens, a prominent “Never Trump” writer and former Republican political operative, suggested Tuesday that it would’ve literally been the end of the world if President Biden hadn’t won the 2020 election.


“What [President Biden] is doing is very methodically saving the world. This is a moment he has prepared for his entire life,” Stevens tweeted, apparently referring to Biden’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine war.

  • “The 2020 election should be regarded as most consequential since WW2. That will hold true until 2024. Democracy was and is very much on the ballot.”
  • Stevens’ 2020 book denouncing the GOP from an insider’s perspective, “It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump,” helped make him a spokesman for anti-Trump Republicans.


Stevens is far from the only “Never Trump” figure who has drifted toward Democratic politics since untethering from the GOP.

  • The founders of the Lincoln Project, which Stevens advises, have effectively become Democratic operatives, while neoconservative princeling Bill Kristol endorsed Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s in his failed 2021 bid to be governor of Virginia.
  • Last month, Jonah Goldberg, a longtime National Review writer turned founding editor of The Dispatch, announced he was joining CNN as a contributor.

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