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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Glenn Youngkin’s ‘Hostage’ Crisis

Jonathan Last, the executive editor of The Bulwark, has argued Virginia’s Republican Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin is too compromised to be trusted by responsible conservatives.


Last, a prominent “Never Trumper,” defended his opposition to Youngkin on his site Thursday, saying the rising GOP star “has demonstrated he is [his allegedly anti-democracy voters’] hostage.”

While Last acknowledged “Glenn Youngkin is not an aspiring Mussolini,” and further, “you probably wouldn’t think twice about letting him watch your kids while you ran to the grocery store.”

  • Nonetheless, Last said, Youngkin is “dangerous” because he has not forcefully enough refuted former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” from him.
  • As a result, “there’s no reasonable way to be at 100 percent” that Youngkin wouldn’t help Trump overturn the 2024 election results, per Last.


Democrats, including President Joe Biden, tried their best to make the Virginia gubernatorial race about Trump, but the “blue state” still swung Republican.

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