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QUOTE OF THE DAY: We Need More Left-Wing Hollywood Activism to Stop ‘Fascism’

Salon writer Danny Goldberg has a plan for advancing Democrat’s agenda: leveraging the support of entertainment industry elites.


In an Saturday article titled “To beat back fascism, Democrats must harness the showbiz energy that helped win 2020,” Goldberg wondered what could be achieved if musicians and movie stars went all-out for liberal causes.

According to Goldberg, “the right-wing echo chamber demonizes political celebrities, like “AOC and Kamala Harris,” and “liberal Hollywood” to “gaslight Democrats.”

  • “The artists of the resistance of 2020 should fully re-engage, and they need to be coordinated with the Democrats even if they don’t always agree with them. It’s time to put the band back together,” he wrote.

But even fellow liberals, like legal analyst Ken White and New York Times columnist Elizabeth Bruenig, expressed skepticism about Goldberg’s take.

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