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QUOTE OF THE DAY: I Caught These Conservative Moms Doing ‘Nazis’ Stuff

Writer Phoebe Cohen detailed how she infiltrated a “frightening” conservative mother’s group in a HuffPost essay published Tuesday.


Cohen, the mother of an elementary school-aged son, described the members of the unidentified group as kind and thoughtful, but she nonetheless suspected they were the vanguard of a “fascist” insurrection.

“For several years now I have been worried about the increasing right-wing views that I have noticed in my demographic (white suburban women). Before 2016, I always thought of Nazis as mainly historical villains that belonged in Indiana Jones movies or old news reels or the sad stories my grandfather told me,” Cohen wrote. “Now, however, as the last Holocaust survivors are dying, I am aware that fascism is creeping back into the world at large in terrifying ways.”

  • At a meeting of the moms, Cohen recalled that one speaker said, “We have to do SOMETHING,” prompting other attendees to agree: “We have to start being not so nice,” and, “Be pleasantly persistent.”
  • “I caught a gleam in the [first] woman’s eye I didn’t like,” Cohen wrote. “Was there some flirtation with insurrection being suggested here? What, exactly, was she saying?”

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